3FLOZ Automated Retail Stores

Did you know that 3FLOZ is not just an e-commerce company? About one year ago we launched our first Automated Retail Store in Las Vegas, Nevada. What’s an Automated Retail Store? It’s a self-service, standalone kiosk where customers can select products using a touchscreen interface, pay for purchases using a credit or debit card and receive them instantly. Think of it as an advanced (and way better) vending machine. 

Now, we’re in airports all over the country and continue to grow every month! We love our Automated Retail Stores because they give you the convenience to purchase any last minute items (that we always forget) right before you get on your flight and because they carry some brands and products that we don’t carry on our website. 

What brands are we currently carrying in our 3FLOZ stores? 

Jack Black




Big Sexy

David Kirsch

Malin + Goetz





Help Remedies

Yes to Cucumbers



Deva Curl


Oscar Blandi


Pinch Provisions



Dr. Dennis Gross

Air Repair

Herban Essentials

Where can you find our stores? Go to http://www.3floz.com/store-locator to find airport, terminal and gate locations!

Making a 3FLOZ store stop? Use the code “202024” for 20% off your entire purchase at any one of our stores!

Summer Loving

Everyone has had a vision of a romantic summer love, but today we’re going to talk about a different kind of love. 

When you do get some time off, you’re most likely going to try to pack as many fun summer activities as possible into the little time you have available. Vacation and time off are supposed to be relaxing opportunities to create fun memories for yourself and whomever you choose to share those moments with, but hectic adult summers can sometimes cause stress take away from those moments. 

A good rule of thumb we always try and live by here at 3FLOZ is to love yourself. What’s going to make you happy? What’s going to make your summer time off the best it can possibly be? Find the time to make those things happen.

We get it, it’s hard, but if spending time with your significant other makes you happy, take an hour out of your day and do something simple; like getting ice cream together.

If spending time with your children is what makes you happy, take them to see one of the countless children’s movies that come out during the summer time.

If taking a few hours to yourself is what makes you happy, grab your newest summer read, shut the door, and relax.

This shouldn’t be just a summer rule. It should be a year round commitment you make to yourself. 

Are you making a commitment to love yourself this summer? Tell us about it and be entered into our #3FLOZGiveaway of the week!

Here’s how to enter: 

To win via Facebook

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We can’t wait to read some more entries! 

Good luck!

Summer Loving With Babeland

Seriously, this may be one of our favorite #3FLOZGiveaways to date. We’ve been loving reading your giveaway entries (romantic stories) and can’t wait to read some more!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to sharing the remaining products we’ll be giving away to this week’s winner! 

Babeland Couples’ Romance Kit: This kit has everything you could ever need to create a romantic rendezvous. The Babeland Buzz, Sonic Ring, Babelicious flavored personal lubricant, 2 Babeland Condoms and Babeland Fresh Wipes make this kit perfect for men and women.

Babeland Playful Romance Kit: Make your romantic evening a little bit more playful. The Playful Romance Kit includes the Dirty Dice Game, 2 Babeland Condoms, 2 BabeLube Lubettes, a Babeland Fresh Wipe and a Babeland Massage Bar that when warmed between the palms melts in to a delicious massage oil.

Babeland Pleasure Pack: Always be prepared. This discreet Babeland Pleasure Pack holds a Babeland Fresh Wipe, a Babeland Condom and a BabeLube lubette.

Babeland Travel Lube: This body-safe, paraben-free, glycerin-free water-based lubricant is non-irritating, non-sticky and perfect for sensitive skin. 

Babeland Arousal BalmPackaged in a discreet, retro tin container, Babeland Arousal Balm is like your own personal love potion, adding a bit of stimulating juju to intimate encounters.

21 Drops 06 - PassionThe 21 Drops #06 Passion blend is for any moment you seek to wholly immerse yourself in the intrinsic energy and potential that is your passion. Use this blend to engage the fire within you.

Now is definitely not the time to be shy, don’t forget that we’re also giving away two Überlube products in this bundle! 

Interested in winning our Summer Loving prize package? 

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We love creative and funny entries! Your romantic story doesn’t have to share too much information or be too personal! Make it creative! 

Good luck!

Summer Loving : Überlube


Yesterday we announced our #3FLOZGiveaway featuring products from Babeland, Überlube and 21 Drops. Today, we’ll be sharing which Überlube products we’ll be giving away in our two prize packages.

Überlube - 7 Pack of Single Use Packets: 7 single use foil packs, one for each day of the week! Each packet includes 3ml of product conveniently packaged in a small packet you’ll be able to throw in your purse, gym bag or pocket.

Überlube Travel Size Good-To-Go Silver - Refillable Case and 3 Inserts: This discreet and refillable glass vial holds and releases your Überlube product via it’s metered pump top. The aluminum over shell gives the vial a beautiful silver finish. With three refillable Überlube inserts, you’ll be prepared for all of your Überlube needs. 

Interested in winning our Summer Loving prize package? 

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We love creative and funny entries! Your romantic story doesn’t have to share too much information or be too personal! Make it creative! 

Good luck!

Summer Loving


Ah, summer love. The thought alone has inspired countless songs, movies, stories and middle school fantasies. When we were young we all had summer daydreams about meeting the perfect summer fling on your family beach vacation, giving you a perfectly envious story to tell your friends during lunch on your first day of school. As we grew older, our summer loves matured into more serious affairs, but still held the same allure.

Here at 3FLOZ, we love the idea of romance. It’s fun, it’s spontaneous, and everyone should be able to enjoy themselves romantically as often as possible. Because of this, we’ve collaborated with some of the more… romantic brands we carry to giveaway a HUGE summer love prize package to two different 3FLOZ customers!

The winners of this giveaway will win products from the companies Babeland, Überlube and 21 Drops.

Babeland has been a trusted women-owned sex toy boutique for over twenty years. They bring us top-quality products and expert love advice to everyone in the most comfortable and discreet way.

Überlube has been a premium lubricant brand for over 10 years. Recommended by top physicians, Überlube can be interchangeably used as a smoothing, finishing and anti-frizz product by salons, as an aide to help eliminate chafing by athletes running, biking and swimming and for everything else you imagined it being used for.

21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy is a modern approach to aromatherapy. Their carefully crafted essential oils work to help deliver the emotion it’s contents promise. We’ll be giving away one essential oil in ‘Passion’ to each of our giveaway winners.

So, how do you enter this amazing giveaway?

We’ll be gifting one prize package to two separate winners: a winner via Facebook and a winner via Twitter.


To win via Facebook

- You must follow 3FLOZ on Facebook

- Comment on a #3FLOZGiveaway post telling us your most romantic summer moment


To win via Twitter

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- Tweet us and tell us your most romantic summer moment

And that’s it! Stay tuned for our blog posts throughout the week where we’ll be sharing some of our most romantic summer moments and more info on some of the products you’ll be winning.

Good luck!

3FLOZ Travel Tips And Tricks : Everything SPF

Without a doubt, the most important tip we can give you this summer is to apply sunscreen wherever you go. Sun damage can cause sun spots, wrinkles, and most importantly, cancer. Even if you don’t think that a certain area of your skin will be exposed, it will be. The tricky thing about the sun is that as long as you’re outside, there’s no escaping it.

Some people struggle with putting sunscreen on everyday. Some of the most common complaints related to sunscreen application include

Disliking the strong scent of sunscreen

Not liking such heavy chemicals on their skin constantly

Skin allergies


Luckily, we’re here to help, as always. 3FLOZ carries a wide range of sunscreen products that will make your life much easier (and safer!)

Supergoop! Travel Size Everyday SPF 30 Sunscreen: Supergoop! is our go-to sunscreen brand. We love this product because it provides broad spectrum sun protection (as it should) and because it’s oil-free and non-comedogenic. 

Supergoop! SPF 30 Travel Size Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist: This is the perfect sized bottle to keep on your person at all times. The mist makes application super convenient, and the formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This product is oxybenzone, paraben and fragrance free, yet it still manages to smell incredible. Yes, that is possible.

Supergoop! SPF 30+ UVA l UVB MintFusion Lip Balm: Never forget to apply sunscreen to your lips! Lip sunburn is one of the most uncomfortable ailments, so let’s make sure it never happens. Keep this Supergoop! Lip Balm on you to quickly apply sunscreen and moisture to your lips. 

Bliss Fabulous SPF 15 Face Lotion: You already moisturize your face daily, you may as well use a moisturizer with SPF to kill two birds with one stone!

Be sure to bring your SPF products everywhere you travel this summer, and if you forget to grab some beforehand, you can always stop at one of our airport stores!

Use the code “202024” for 20% off your entire purchase at any one of our in airport locations!

Want to know where you can find us? Here’s our locator: http://bit.ly/TwsuBU

3FLOZ Travel Tips And Tricks : Summer Hand And Foot Care


Isn’t it ironic that the heat is what we crave throughout the summer, yet it’s what can do the most damage to our bodies? Your hands and feet are delicate parts of your body to begin with, but once the summer months roll around it’s important to take extra care. With increased heat comes excess moisture on your feet and drying on your skin.

Not only do we want to keep the skin on our hands and feet perfectly moisturized and protected, we also want our nails to look their best. Here are our favorite 3FLOZ  hand and foot care items for this summer:

Lauren B. Nourishing Hand Creme: Carry this non-greasy, rich hand cream wherever you go this summer! Not only is this product highly moisturizing, but it smells amazing. You’ll be reapplying just for the scent all day long.

Lauren B. Nail Polish Remover Puck: If you’re always on the go, but love tending to your own nails, this travel nail polish remover puck with 15 remover pads is essential. The non-acetone remover formula is infused with aloe to leave your skin feeling silky and moisturized. Always be ready for your on-the-go touchup! 

Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit: This perfectly packaged, travel sized kit includes all of your nail essentials. Never be without a cuticle & hangnail nipper, nail file and nail cleaner again!

Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream: This specially formulated cuticle cream is a favorite for a reason. Almond oil and cocoa seed butter come together to make your tips as smooth as can be.

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve: This Burt’s Bees product is one of their top sellers for a reason. If your hands and feet are dried out from the sun and sand, just rub this salve onto your skin and feel instant relief. 

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream: Give yourself a daily foot treatment by simply rubbing on this cream formulated with coconut oil and other natural ingredients. 

The Honest Co Hand Sanitizer: Because sometimes you need to quickly clean your hands and feet (especially at the beach) and this product does the trick.

Our best tip for summer hand and foot care? Keep everything clean, and moisturized and you’ll be alright. 

3FLOZ Travel Tips And Tricks : Summer Hair Care

The beach, the sand, the salt water, the sun… these are all reasons why we love the summertime. However, these aspects of summer can be very harmful, especially to your hair. Most people don’t realize the kind of damage that constant exposure to the summer elements can do to your hair. Heat from the sun can degrade the protective proteins in your hair (which can lead to an oxidation of color, giving your hair an unwanted brassy hue), wipe out shine and leave your hair feeling damaged and brittle. We all know what it feels like to have humidity frizz your hair, and chlorine and saltwater do an excellent job of sucking the moisture right out of your hair.

If you’re suddenly thinking, “Why do I love to spend so much time outside in the summer now?” we understand. We also understand that you’ll be spending a lot of time traveling and exposing yourself to these unfavorable situations all summer long, which is why we carry a wide range of travel sized products that are easy to bring along, and meant to fix your summer hair woes.

Let us help you fix all of your summer hair problems. First, let’s tackle the heat issue. Don’t let the sun and UV rays break down the protective proteins in your hair. Fight against the constant breakdown by fortifying your hair everyday. We prefer to use Serge Normant Meta Silk Shampoo and Conditioner. The sulfate-free formula of these products gently cleanses your hair without stripping your follicles. Also, Serge Normant products are crafted with Keravis, a vegetable protein proven to strengthen your hair, which aids in stopping your hair woes before they even start.

Perfect, now let’s work on the issue of frizziness and humidity. There’s a reason why Malin + Goetz’s Sage Styling Cream is a best seller. This styling cream will literally hold any hairstyle, hair type, etc, in place like you wouldn’t believe. Imagine a strong hold gel that isn’t stiff and still leaves you with the ability to run your fingers through your hair. Your hair will be resistant to humidity and stay beautiful as long as you need.

Finally, what to do about the lack of moisture? Take the time to deep condition your hair as often as you can to get that surge of moisture your hair needs and craves. We recommend that you bring a leave-in conditioner everywhere you go this summer. The Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner is one of our favorites. It reconstructs, moisturizes and helps to fight all of those unfavorable summer weather conditions and it’s spray bottle packaging makes for easy application. What’s not to love?

Those are some of our summer hair tips and tricks. Make sure you’re never left without these helpful products!

If you forget to stock up before traveling, don’t worry! You can very easily pick up these products at any one of our stores! Use the code “202024” for 20% off your entire purchase at any one of our in airport locations!

Want to know where you can find us? Here’s our locator: http://bit.ly/TwsuBU

3FLOZ Travel Tips And Tricks : Working Out

The summertime is one of the busiest times of year for travel; and although travel is meant to be a means of relaxation and excitement, it can sometimes cause a lot of stress. Not knowing what to pack, being underprepared, and changing your day to day regimen can sometimes be a little too hard to handle.

Because of this, we decided to take this week to give you all some travel tips. What to pack, how to adjust, stuff like that. We can all use a little advice sometimes, right?

Today, we’re going to tackle the issue of how to continue working out on your summer travels. If you lead an active lifestyle, you know how addicting it is to stay fit. Some active people even say not working out gives them a headache, or makes them feel worse at the end of the day. If this sounds like you, then you’ve definitely spent a vacation or two obsessively searching for a good gym. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be hard to find. Luckily, our good friend David Kirsch has some excellent travel fitness tips that we’re happily passing along to you!

David Kirsch is our go-to authority and all things fitness and wellness. His “Sound Body, Sound Mind” approach is one we live by. We take his classes, use and carry his products, and trust his two decades of experience to the fullest!

Here are some of David’s best travel tips and workout moves:

Travel Tips:

Don’t have access to a gym or machines? Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories fast. About 15 minutes of jump rope torches 100 calories.

Try one of my 10-Minute Express Workouts right when you wake up to burn calories quickly and get your heart pumping before you even step out the door. String together a series of moves like Sumo Lunges, Bent-Leg Deadlifts, Shadow Boxing with light weights, or Spiderman Push-Ups. Bonus points for doing a couple of Express Workouts throughout the day, at your desk or at lunch, to burn even more calories.

Staying active is as easy as just bringing sneakers with you to work or when you’re traveling. Take a 30 minute power walk at lunch, or, if you travel often, squeeze in just 30 minutes of movement a day to keep your goals in sight.


Travel Workout Moves:

*      Squats: Target several large muscle groups for a total body workout and can be done in your hotel room

*      Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms on your hips. Focus your body weight and energy into your heels.

*      Bend your knees and squat down as if you are about to sit. Extend your legs and lift back up to your starting position.

*      10 repetitions

Planks: One of the worst things about traveling for work is hotel beds. They are not as comfortable as your home bed. Planks are the perfect exercise to strengthen your back and core and to reconnect your body

*      Place palms on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Core and abs are tight. Make sure your chest is right over your hands. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Work yourself up to 30 seconds, then 1 minute.

*      Make sure you are not dropping your hips. You don’t want to stress your lower back. If you are feeling it in your shoulders you are not in line with your hands.

Where will you be practicing these travel workout tips and tricks?

3FLOZ Employee Favorites : Kristy

Although we’ve already announced the products we’re giving away in this week’s #3FLOZGiveaway, we thought it’d be fun to keep talking about what products some of our employees love most.

So, let’s talk about our Marketing Coordinator Kristy’s favorite products! Kristy has a special affinity for hair care products, and her favorites definitely reflect that.

Malin + Goetz Essentials Kit: Kristy loves Malin + Goetz products, so this essentials kit is perfect. In one small, travel friendly case comes their Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Wash, Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Hair Conditioner. Basically, an entire salon in a bag.

Malin + Goetz Styling Cream: You can’t leave home without this stuff. Malin + Goetz’s amazing styling cream will help hold your hair to no matter how you style it. In addition to it’s strong, natural hold, it adds extra moisture to your hair. Everyone needs extra moisture.

Sedu Revolution Compact Styler: Travel sized products were created because people don’t want to carry around bulky, full sized products. This can also apply to appliances. Why bring your full sized straightener when this one can conveniently fit in a purse?

BlowPro Blow Out Spray: Non stick hairspray. Because sometimes you’re traveling to climates that aren’t the friendliest to your hair.

The Laundress Stain Remover: Never ruin a shirt again! We get it, sometimes you spill some coffee or some red wine on your favorite white shirt. Immediately run to the bathroom, drop this product on your stain, and your shirt is as good as new. A travel must, for sure.


Don’t forget, this week’s #3FLOZGiveaway is open until tomorrow afternoon! Enter to win our CFO Neil’s favorite products or our Co-Founder’s favorite products now! Just tweet us at 3floz, retweet any #3FLOZGiveaway tweet and tell us what your favorite male or female product is to travel with! 

Good luck!