Friday Guest Blog- Q+A with Daniel Wiener (SoulCycle Instructor)

If you have been following our blog or our twitter you know that I am completely obsessed with SoulCycle!  I was so excited when Daniel Wiener (one of my favorite instructors) agreed to do a guest blog with us.  His classes are exhausting but motivating at the same time and his music is AWESOME!  I wanted to give all of you a chance to experience a class with Daniel so the first person to answer the question correctly wins a free Soul Cycle class with Daniel! * You’ve got to live in NYC!

XO Kate

How did you become a SoulCycle instructor?  Is it true you are an all around beauty expert who does make-up as well?  Tell me your story.

Well I started teaching cycling 8 years ago.  About two years ago one of the instructors from soul cycle secretly took my class at New York Sports Club.  Afterwards she approached me and introduced herself. She explained that the owners of soul cycle had heard about me and wanted to talk. The next day I got a big email from one the founders of soul cycle asking me to come take a class, schedule an interview, and audition. On the following Thursday I took my first soul cycle class, interviewed over coffee with the owner/founder, and auditioned.  I was told immediately that they needed me on the schedule and the rest is history J

I am also known as a fitness/beauty expert.  I first delved into make up at 16 years old for stage work purposes.  At the time I was an actor who needed to pump up my make up chops.   After my first master class I was hooked.   I continued my beauty journey throughout the years and when I was in between theater gigs I was taking jobs working for different cosmetic lines as an artist and skincare specialist.  Once I finally left the acting industry I began working more and more with cosmetics.  Over the years I have done every job in the cosmetics/skincare industry and worked for over fifteen lines.   After many years of working for other companies I made the decision to branch out on my own and provide clients with one on one services including make up application, skincare analysis, make up lessons, photo shoots, red carpet events,  and lectures for budding young artists.    

What inspires you to get going for those 6am rides you teach?

I have always felt that the best way to start your day is with an amazing workout.  Not only do you burn, tone, and tighten your body but it also provides your body a boost of energy for the rest of the day.  The students that tend to come to the early morning classes mean business. There is nothing more inspiring than a group of students who are all there to give 100%.    

What do you think every woman should have with her to freshen up after a mega sweat workout like soul cycle?

When time is tights there are a few essential items every woman needs to get herself together. 

You need a packet of facial wipes, moisturizer, concealer/foundation, a light and medium color of shadow, lipstick, and a mascara.  In just five minutes you can be out the door.  

Start with the wipes and clean up the sweat and old make up from your day.  Mix a dab of your moisturizer with your concealer/ foundation. And apply to entire face.  Add a bit of the concealer/foundation to your lids as a primer. Using a eye shadow brush or q-tip sweep lightest color of shadow below your brow and inner eye area next to your nose.  Take medium color and apply it over the eye lid from the lash line to the crease.  Sweep it also underneath the eye right below the bottom eye lashes.  Finish eye with lots of mascara.  Clean up any bits that may have dropped below the eye.  Complete by dabbing concealer/foundation under eye.  Finish the look with the lipstick.  Take a touch of lipstick and blend into cheeks as a creamy blush.  Apply the color to your lips and you are ready to hit the town.

What item(s) do you never leave home without?

A packet of facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, and Clarins beauty flash balm.

What is your favorite beauty product of all time? Your go-to product to look and feel your best wherever you are? 

I have two.  The lifting concealer from make up forever and of course…Clarins beauty flash balm.

Favorite snack after a work-out?

A KIND bar (fruit and nut bar) or a banana.  The protein of the nuts tend to calm my hunger beast within.  The banana helps my body to recover.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

I have lots. But overall anywhere there is a beautiful beach and fabulous shopping I am in!

Do you check or carry-on when traveling?

I check my luggage but take a small carry on with travel size products just in case of an emergency.

The first person to answer this question correctly wins a SoulCycle Class! 

What famous cosmetics icon purposely dropped a bottle of her perfume in a renowned Paris department store in order to create a buzz?