Allergies just killin’ you right now?

I’ve never had allergies before and I am dying!! I don’t know how people go months like this. I am honestly praying that it is a cold which means there would be an end in sight!! Anyways, these 5 things are helping me survive these allergies! 

  1.  Warm water+salt: It may seem gross but nothing helps a scratchy throat like gargling with warm water and salt.  
  2. Q-tips+rescue balm: Again not sexy but a little Air Repair Rescue Balm applied in and around your nostrils with a Q-tip soothes the cracked and irritated skin.
  3.  Help I have allergies: I’ve been taking it twice a day and it definitely helps with symptoms.
  4. Turning off the A/C: I  wouldn’t believe my friends when they said sleeping without my A/C would help but it has really made a difference with how I feel in the am.  I think the air coming out of the A/C probably has a fair amount of dust and is definitely dryer than the humid NYC air coming from the window.
  5. Denial: Trying to forget about these allergies keeping busy and sticking my regular routine helps, when I can do it.

So there you have it!  The 5 things that are kind of keeping me sane during this horrific allergy season.  You got any tips for me???