Summer Loving

Everyone has had a vision of a romantic summer love, but today we’re going to talk about a different kind of love. 

When you do get some time off, you’re most likely going to try to pack as many fun summer activities as possible into the little time you have available. Vacation and time off are supposed to be relaxing opportunities to create fun memories for yourself and whomever you choose to share those moments with, but hectic adult summers can sometimes cause stress take away from those moments. 

A good rule of thumb we always try and live by here at 3FLOZ is to love yourself. What’s going to make you happy? What’s going to make your summer time off the best it can possibly be? Find the time to make those things happen.

We get it, it’s hard, but if spending time with your significant other makes you happy, take an hour out of your day and do something simple; like getting ice cream together.

If spending time with your children is what makes you happy, take them to see one of the countless children’s movies that come out during the summer time.

If taking a few hours to yourself is what makes you happy, grab your newest summer read, shut the door, and relax.

This shouldn’t be just a summer rule. It should be a year round commitment you make to yourself. 

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