Build A Good Base With BlowPro

In many instances, success can come from a strong foundation. In our opinion, this idea definitely applies to your hair. You can try your hardest to manipulate your locks into your most desired style, but if you’re not using the right products, it’s going to be difficult to get there.

The best foundation for a good blow out? A good shampoo and conditioner. Blowpro’s Volumizing Shampoos And Conditioners are a perfect example. The volumizing shampoo gently cleanses your hair (with a formula free of sulfates, of course) by removing excess oils to add body to your hair. The volumizing conditioner then works alongside the shampoo to add body, nourish and prime your hair for it’s blow out. 

Looking to try out this combination for yourself? We’re conveniently giving away this shampoo/conditioner set, along with three other blowpro products this week!

Entries for this amazing package can be entered on both our 3FLOZ Facebook and Twitter accounts, but only one winner will be selected.

How do you enter? Simply let us know how long it takes for you to style your own hair via Facebook comment or tweet to us.

That’s it! Seems simple enough, right? So go on, enter this giveaway! We have a feeling it’ll be our most entered giveaway yet.

Good luck and happy entering!