Naturally Reboot Your Afternoon

As much as we all strive to get a good nights sleep, it’s not always possible. We have work, errands, responsibilities, and every so often we deserve some time out. Trying to keep up with everything can wear us down and cut into our much needed 8 hours every night.

Lack of sleep at night means grogginess during the day, and sometimes, multiple cups of coffee just doesn’t cut it. Enter: EBOOST. EBOOST is a natural energy booster that comes in a quick shot bottle. Most shots offer harsh caffeine and chemicals that torture our adrenal glands and leave us empty and crashed. EBOOST’s premium shot, however, is packed with vitamins, minerals, green tea and green coffee bean extract.

Just the good stuff! Taking a healthy boost of natural energy, pre-workout or throughout your day will perk you right up and allow you to get through your day. We love EBOOST because there’s no artificial flavors or colors and no artificial sweeteners, so it allows us to get the energy we need while still following the healthy lifestyle we (try to) stick to.

This week, we’re giving away an EBOOST Natural Energy Booster Shot Six Pack to one winner via Twitter!

How can you enter this giveaway?

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And that’s it! We’ll be announcing our winner via Twitter this Friday afternoon after our giveaway closes at noon!

Good luck!