Get Up And Get On With Your Day

So you had a crazy night out. That’s okay, we’ve all been there. Luckily, we’re now able to enjoy our nights out without fearing the next morning, thanks to Blowfish.

If you’re experiencing a hangover, immediately drop two Blowfish effervescent tablets in a 16 ounce glass of water, drink, and get on with your day. We love Blowfish because it is an FDA-registered, over-the-counter drug that was specifically formulated to treat your hangover symptoms quickly.

You’ll be feeling better in no time, but unfortunately, Blowfish can’t cure all side effects of a night out. Lack of sleep and the dehydration that comes alongside drinking can affect your skin, and not for the better.

Be sure to use a product like an energizing eye cream to help brighten up your skin alongside your Blowfish for added hangover relief (in more ways than one.)

We use Ole Henriksen’s Fresh Start Eye Cream when our skin needs a morning after boost. Rich and luxurious from the moment it touches the skin, fresh start helps diminish lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area and protects against future damage. Just what we need when our skin is dehydrated and tired.

This is our tried and true hangover cure and we wouldn’t have a morning after without it. With the end of summer coming near we know our customers will be out enjoying themselves at parties and beach bars as often as they can, so we wanted to give away our favorite hangover cure to help.

Here’s how you can win a package of Blowfish?

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And that’s it! We’ll be announcing our winner via Twitter this Friday afternoon after our giveaway closes at noon!

Good luck!