En Route With Alexi Mintz- Co Founder of 3FLOZ

Getting ready for the trip…

I would describe my packing style as somewhere in between anal and relaxed. I normally don’t seriously pack until the night before a trip or day of. If I am not packing in my Coach duffle bag, I am using a rolling carry-on sized suitcase. I do not own luggage sized for checking. I always check my baggage out of bag loss anxiety, and just the comfort of knowing where my stuff is.

I always over-pack my toiletries and my intimates because you never know what could happen, and those are the two hardest items to replace. I always pack a particular way. I pull out the items I want to pack a few days before the trip, and roll my clothes for a tighter fit. Shoes go in first and toiletries always last. When I get home from a trip, I refill my toiletries so they are always full and ready to go on another trip.

Once I leave for the airport…

I normally fly American Airlines, but on the occasion that it is not available, I fly JetBlue. Since I have the luxury of having airline status, I push the envelope on my arrival time since I know I won’t run into a line. Once through security, I pick up two bottles of Smart Water and the weeklies from Hudson News. If I have any time to spare, I sit in the airline lounge.

On the plane…

During flight I will usually treat myself to the weeklies before I start working. I have been known to do my best work on cross-country trips. On red eye flights I will watch a TV show, then sleep. Entertaining myself in flight is easy. I use my MacBook Air to watch TV shows or to get some work done.

Seat preference is always aisle for quick bathroom access. I drink the two bottles of Smart Water- one filled with David Kirsch Thermo bubbles to curb my appetite, and the other with plain water. I never drink soda during flight because the carbonation makes our bodies bloat. As far as eating goes, if I am hungry I will eat almonds or a protein bar, but normally never a meal. I try to time my flights so that I am not missing a meal or eating on a plane.

Travel is a necessity, and I like to do it a specific way. I’ve had a lot of practice.

Don’t Leave Home Without’em Products for all Fashionista’s

It’s that time again when all eyes turn to NYC to find out what is “HOT” in fashion and style for this season.  Now, I am no editor and probably wouldn’t be referred to as a fashionista but I do know beauty products and how to fix beauty emergency’s! Here are my 5 products that should be in your bag at all times this fashion week!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads- It may be cold in NYC but it is spring in fashion so don’t be caught with last season’s skin color.

David Kirsch Wellness Survival Kit- It’s cold outside, warm inside, events by the hour and late nights which leaves you feeling sluggish and run down.  Fashion week is all about looking your best, but David Kirsch Survival Kit includes everything you need to feel your best too, so don’t worry about your 15 hour day or lack of sleep. The Survival Kit includes: Vitamins, Energy Bubbles, Thermo Bubbles and Greens - everything you need to power thru the week.

La Fresh Nail Polish Removers- Who hasn’t been there, you just got your nails done and bam you chip a nail or it starts to peel…  Fear no more carry the La Fresh Nail Polish towelettes in your bag and it will get the paint off every nail without leaving stains.

Air Repair Rescue Balm- I’m not exaggerating when I say DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!  It is amazing for your lips, your hands and in a fashion week pinch you can use a small amount to slick your hair into this season’s bun, put a little on your lashes and cheeks for the dewy look and don’t forget a little on the front of your legs for that celeb shine and define!

Herban Essentials Mixed Towelettes- Do I even need to explain why sanitizing towelettes are necessary with all the hand shaking you will be doing as the fabulous fashionista you are?

XO Kate

Help! I’m Hung over…

We’ve all been there.

We all have those nights where we have been “overserved” and wake-up feeling less than glamorous-3floz to the rescue!  All these products in the Help! I’m hung over kit are small enough to carry with you so wherever you wake-up you can look and feel better in minutes.

Kit includes:

Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes - Let’s get the day started off right by removing any make-up and film from your night out on the town or your Bridget Jones “all by myself” evening.

David Kirsch B12 Spray - This stuff is AMAZING!  Spray 5 times in your mouth and you will notice an energy boost as well as an ability to drink water again-which at times seems impossible.

Go Smile Jet Set Kit- This is pretty self explanatory right?  Brushing your teeth always gets your day off to a good start.

Anthony for Men Rescue Eye Stick - This product is not just for men!  It feels so good under your eyes after a night out and helps de-puff and lighten circles to get your back to your pre-party look!

myfaceworks I need to wake up-  When you have had “one of those nights” use this mask to bring your skin and your eyes back to life.  

Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo- Chances are if you are hungover you did your hair the night before so why wash it again so soon?  Use Oscar Blandi Invisible Volumizing Pronto Dry Shampoo to help recreate your hair from the night before-great for ALL HAIR COLORS!

Kate’s Journey on David Kirsch’s 5 Day Detox-Day 5. Done!

What can I say except I CANNOT wait to eat some fruit and a piece of ezekial bread with almond butter tomorrow!  5 days a long time to cleanse and I am definitely ready to go back to eating meals.  What I will say is that I am craving healthy eats like salmon and fruit so that is really exciting, not to mention I am down 10lbs. 

As happy as I am to be almost done with the cleanse I am so proud of myself that I completed.  I achieved a personal goal and now I am on track to keep eating healthy and feeling good.  I haven’t had any extra energy the last few days so I am ready to get some sustenance in my life and get back to Soul-Cycle and Physique57.  It is amazing how addicted to those two workouts!

Bottom line is that I am proud of myself for finishing the David Kirsch 5 day detox, I feel good and I am taking my healthy habits forward.  I probably won’t be doing another cleanse for awhile but I would definitely do this one again and I recommend it to anyone looking to jolt their system into healthy eating.  This is definitely a great cleanse to do after traveling for business or travel just to get back on track.

I would love to hear your thoughts on cleanses you have tried.  I did this cleanse because I am asked so often what to do to get back to healthy eating after traveling…  What do you do?


Kate’s Journey on David Kirsch’s 5 Day Detox-Day 4

I am not going to lie, today has been really hard.  I woke up really tired and have felt like I was in a haze all day.  I think I made the mistake of not being prepared, even though I knew I would be having a crazy day, so I didn’t have a salad and fish and instead just had a spinach, kale, cucumber and lemon juice and another protein shake.  By day 4 I definitely should have had some food food.  I have lost a total of 9lbs and I am not super hungry just tired. 

The biggest benefit, other than the weight loss, is that my skin looks amazing!  It is totally clear and has a glow to it.  I totally get why celebs would do a detox cleanse before big events.  I just hope that I can transition in a healthy manor from this detox to real life after tomorrow.