Friday Guest Blog- Q+A with Dr. Dennis Gross

Dennis Gross, M.D., is a practicing dermatologist and board certified dermatological surgeon in NYC. Dr. Gross received his dermatologic training at the prestigious New York University Medical Center, earning a medical degree with research distinctions. Dr. Gross has trained, taught and performed research at world-renowned institutes such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller University, published numerous scientific reports on skin cancer and was actively involved in pioneering research on Interferon and Cancer Immunology.

So excited to be starting our Friday guest blog series with Dr. Dennis Gross.  I don’t know about all of you but my skin is going crazy right now with all the weather changes.  I figured it made sense to go right to the experts and find out what I need to look for in products and also find out which products are MUST HAVES to take my skin from summer into the cooler months!

What products should we be using to shift our skin from warm to cooler weather? 

Look for products (All-In-One Cleanser + Toner) with the following ingredients to help repair summer sun-damaged skin because by the end of summer many women are dealing with the results of months of sun-exposure, including sunburn, peeling, redness, and dry skin.
  • Arbutin -Inhibits melanin production in the skin, lightening brown spots and discoloration caused by sun damage.
  • Quercetin -An Antioxidant that decreases inflammation and soothes skin (perfect for post-sun repair)
  • Bisabolol -An anti-inflammatory ingredient derived from Chamomile, it soothes redness and reduces inflammation.

 What products do you never leave home without?

The Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Travel Packettes. They firm the skin and cause a contraction of collagen for an instant firming effect. This product also reduces the appearance of puffiness and helps to remove excess fluid. They are packaged in individually wrapped packettes which makes them easy to slip in a travel bag (and also safe for airline security).

Where is your favorite place to visit?  Why?  Where do you stay?

I stay at the Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana to go skiing every year with my wife and children, which has amazing views and landscapes.

Do you carry-on or check luggage?

Carry on all the way, which doesn’t get me too far ahead when I am traveling with my four adventurous children and beautiful wife who usually like to check.

Thank you so much Dr. Gross! If you have any questions you want answered by experts please send me an email

XO Kate

Sunny Days Are Here Again, Maybe!

With summer being just around the corner, it’s time to break out our summer wardrobe, plan weekend get-a-ways and prepare our skin for that perfect tan. From all the excitement summer brings, one thing we all need to remember is while we love fun in the sun, it can do some serious damage without proper protection. Whether you’re out running errands or channeling your inner beach goddess, protecting your skin from harsh rays is crucial. For everyday exposure, we recommend using a moisturizer that contains SPF. When basking in the sun, sunscreen wipes are great for providing all-over protection. Listed below are recommendations for staying you’re beautiful summer self without damaging your skin.

Everyday Exposure:

Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer w/SPF 15

First Aid Beauty 5 In 1 Face Cream w/SPF 30

Ahava Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer SPF 50

Supergoop! 30+ Save Face Serum

Beach Bums:

Supergoop! SPF 30+ Sunscreen Swipes – 8 count

Dr. Dennis Gross Powerful Sun Protection SPF 30 Towelette

Tocca SPF30+ Towelette in Stella