Calling All Men : Maintain That Shave

Shaving can take a lot out of you. Sure, you can give yourself a quick shave when you’re in a pinch, but who wants to deal with razor burn and ingrown hairs? 

Let Game Day Aftershave into your shaving routine. Trust us, this isn’t your dad’s aftershave. Game Day’s modern take on a classic staple provides your skin with essential skin healing ingredients necessary for healing your skin post shave.

The serum-like consistency will help to cool and soothe your skin after shaving, while it hydrates and stops razor burn before it starts. Another added bonus? Game Day’s Aftershave has anti-aging properties that will prevent any wrinkles caused by shaving’s wear and tear on your skin.

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Game Day : Get Your Game Face On

The change of seasons can leave us feeling a bit sluggish. The temperature is suddenly dropping from the 80’s to the low 70’s (at least here in New York) and our normal routine is getting back into full swing after all of the summer fun we’ve been having the past few months. Dreary days + more work throughout the day = exhaustion.

One of the best ways to re-energize yourself and wake up during the day (you know, after your three cups of coffee don’t work) is to spritz some Game Day Charging Spray : Energizing Facial Tonic all over your face. This formula was specifically created for the active individual,and is meant to help give you a little extra boost while you’re at the gym, or at work.

The refreshing mist will give your face the just-splashed-water effect that you need to wake yourself up while it’s ingredients work to provide your skin with natural energy (thanks to all of the vitamins and antioxidants.) 

In addition to waking yourself up, this energizing facial mist will help to hydrate your skin, and give your skin a little extra U.V. protection. What else could you ask for?

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Game Day : For The Active Man

So far, Fall has brought us crisp weather (earlier than we expected), the return of our favorite sports and an exciting addition to the 3FLOZ family. Yesterday we were very excited to launch our newest brand: Game Day, the first men’s skincare line developed specifically for the active man. 

Shaving is tough on a man’s skin. That constant irritation causes razor burn, ingrown hairs and can even lead to acne. Game Day’s Pre-Shave Invigorating Scrub is just the product to help prevent all of that. Men should use this product prior to shaving, to help exfoliate their skin, clean deep into their pores, scrub away any dead and dull skin cells and to alleviate any ingrown hairs.

The exfoliate will prep the skin for a smooth and soft, close shave while keeping skin clear and breakout free. Game Day products are formulated from the finest natural ingredients, and are Paraben, Cruelty, Toxin and GMO free, which helps to ensure that your skin stays healthy, and happy.

This product is now available for purchase on for $23.

Introducing : Game Day Skincare For Men

We spend a lot of time here on our blog talking about products our female customers would love, but have yet to truly focus on men’s essentials. It’s certainly not done intentionally, we just prefer to only talk about the very best. What we would personally use, and what we know you would love to use.

Today, we’re finally announcing the newest brand addition to our men’s skincare collection. Game Day: Skincare for Men. Game Day skincare is the only high-performance skincare line designed specifically for active men and that’s just the first reason why we had to have this brand. This father son brand (launched in 2013 by Dr. Kerry Demascus and his son Demetri Demascus) is all natural, paraben free, cruelty free, GMO free and toxin free, ensuring that your skin is in the best hands. 

The brand was created when Demetri was frustrated with his lack of options for a high-end men’s skincare line that would work well with his skin, and his masculine persona. Now, Game Day offers a shaving and skincare products that are perfect for the athletic man.

We’ll spend the entire week talking about Game Day products , but in the mean time, head over to to check out their Aftershave, Moisturizer, Facial Tonic and Pre-Shave

What a beautiful view. We are slightly jealous of our 3FLOZ customer who just sent this to us! She’s relaxing at the #arionspa in Greece, using the @supergoop she packed. Our customers rock! Feel free to share your travel photos with us anytime. #roomwithaview #travel #3flozbeauty #3floztravel

What a beautiful view. We are slightly jealous of our 3FLOZ customer who just sent this to us! She’s relaxing at the #arionspa in Greece, using the @supergoop she packed. Our customers rock! Feel free to share your travel photos with us anytime. #roomwithaview #travel #3flozbeauty #3floztravel